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Our Blend

About Our Sod

We proudly sell Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue Sod to Edmonton and area. At Spruce Grove Sod, we grow, sell and install sod made from a hardy mix of 80% Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% Fescue grass. Before it’s delivered to you, the sod we sell is nurtured for 2 to 3 years on our sod farm, located just minutes West of Edmonton.

Kentucky Bluegrass

The majority of the grass in our sod is Kentucky Bluegrass. Kentucky Bluegrass thrives in direct sunlight, which is great because our farm just outside of Edmonton gets a lot of it.

Benefits of Kentucky Bluegrass

✔︎ Spreads well to fill patches

✔︎ Resists diseases well

✔︎ Handles wear and tear well

✔︎ Tolerates cold weather well

✔︎ Blooms quickly in spring

✔︎ Survives drought well


Fescue is a popular type of grass that is commonly mixed with bluegrass. By combining the two types, we are able to offer a number of helpful advantages. Fescue grass grows very well in and around Edmonton because of our particular climate.

Fescue Benefits

✔︎ Germinates nice and quickly

✔︎ Can thrive in soil with poor health

✔︎ Stays out of flower beds

✔︎ Tolerates hot weather well

✔︎ Can help reduce weed growth

✔︎ Does well in shaded conditions

Creating luscious green lawns is what we’re passionate about at Spruce Grove Sod. That’s why we’ve been careful to select a blend of grass that truly thrives in Edmonton’s climate and conditions. This means including varieties that thrive in shaded areas as well as those that thrive in the sunniest of conditions. This mindful mix ensures that the grass will adapt to virtually any location you choose to lay it, ensuring a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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