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Sod Delivery

We can usually deliver sod with 1 days’ notice, but during busy periods (long weekends etc.) it’s safer to get your order in early.

Delivery is based on first come, first served. We do not guarantee delivery times, only that sod will be delivered that day.  The driver will call you when he is on route to your address. Pallet placement instructions can be given directly to the driver when he calls you.


Most every sod company delivers sod on wooden pallets and needs them returned.  Pallets measure 4’ square and will fit in a pick up truck or in some SUV’s.

PLEASE, return your pallets to Spruce Grove Sod. Pallets cost $20 if not returned. If you have absolutely no way of returning pallets, you must let us know this at time of order so that arrangements can be made to assist you.

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