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Sod Installation

Ground Preparation:

Sod should have 3-6” of smooth and packed black dirt below it.  There is no need to fertilize the ground. Your first fertilizer application can occur 4 weeks after its installation. Weeds and other grasses should be removed or cut completely down. Ensure that if needed, you have received a final grade certificate from your town or municipality

Know your square footage requirements. 

Sod rolls measure 2’ x 5’ (each roll covers 10 square feet). Calculating your yard area can be as easy as multiplying the length by the width of your yard (in feet) and subtracting the area of un-sodded areas (decks, fire pits or plant beds).  For yards with rounded and curved edges or features, ordering up to 5% over your Sq ft requirement is recommended.

Online calculators are available for round, or uniquely shaped areas. 

A good ‘Sod Calculator’ can be found here

It’s ok to be slightly off, but it’s always better to error on the side of ordering a few extra rolls than to be short and not being able to finish your project once you’ve started it. 


We do complete installs of sod, dirt and sod, or removal and disposal of old grass. We do not sell dirt ourselves (in-house), but we can arrange and complete all final grade work and sod installation. Call us for a quotation. 

If you are doing your own installation but aren’t sure where to begin, there is useful information to be found here:

Sod Installation


Most every sod company delivers sod on wooden pallets and needs them returned.  Pallets measure 4’ square and will fit in a pick up truck or in some SUV’s.

PLEASE, return your pallets to Spruce Grove Sod. Pallets cost $20 if not returned. If you have absolutely no way of returning pallets, you must let us know this at time of order so that arrangements can be made to assist you.

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